There are many myths and misunderstandings about different types of water. After all, it’s just water right? Well, actually there are some clear distinctions when it comes to natural source water. Did you know that spring waters are abstracted from a protected underground source? The water is untreated and does not go through chemical filtration or disinfectant processes.

In addition, each water source has a unique character and composition. The rock strata within each aquifer determines the mineral composition of the water that passes through it, which explains why there are so many different waters! Harrogate Spring water is abstracted from an underground aquafer below the beautiful Harrogate Pinewoods. Our unique source draws from the protected surrounding catchment area, comprising Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation and the Birk Crag Nature Reserve.

So, how is natural source water different to purified or tap water?

Natural waters (mineral water and spring water) must originate from a natural, protected and specific underground source, be bottled at source AND be micro-biologically safe to drink without treatment.

Producers of spring waters are stewards of the land. Because these natural waters must be free from contamination, the aquifers from which they are drawn must be unpolluted and the source protected! Bottled drinking water, sometimes known as table water or purified water, is drinking water which is bottled and is neither spring water nor natural mineral water. It can come from a variety of sources, including municipal supplies.

Tap water has to be chemically treated to make it safe and for this reason many people prefer the taste and purity of natural source water, which is naturally safe to drink.infographic showing natural source water vs. tap water

As a founding member of the Natural Source Water Association, Harrogate Spring are dedicated to communicating the facts about hydration. We want to encourage everyone to hydrate in the healthiest way possible. Check out this great video by the NSWA!

We’re proud to stock UK shelves with our spring water.

Removing it as an option will result in greater consumption of unhealthy drinks, adding to the health dangers of diabetes and tooth decay. We’re fortunate to have safe tap water AND to also have wonderful spring waters, offering consumer choice and an alternative to unhealthy beverages.

We support improving access to tap water; however, this should be in addition, not a replacement to, supplying bottled spring water! At a time of rising levels of obesity and when all public health messages are encouraging regular hydration, we should not be discouraging consumers from choosing water, but embracing all our amazing natural source waters! For more information please head the NWSA website


  • Written by:
  • Harrogate Spring
  • Published on:
  • 7th November 2019

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