Our Facility Extension


We are preparing to submit our Reserved Matters planning application to extend our premises off Harlow Moor Road in Harrogate.

Following community feedback regarding the previous proposals and the potential loss of trees in Rotary Wood, our new plans include investing in additional publicly accessible land immediately next to Rotary Wood and planting approximately 1,200 new trees on land within this new area and adjoining our site. Additionally, we have also committed to planting around 1,500 trees on land around the Harrogate district. The plans aim to deliver a 10% increase in current biodiversity levels in the area.

We have also updated the proposals for a factory extension. This new extension will provide additional bottling and commercial space to meet growing demand and will create up to 50 new jobs. The extension building will be designed to a high sustainability standard and include solar panels on the roof..

Before we submit our updated plans to North Yorkshire Council, we want to share the proposals with the community.

New area of publicly accessible woodland

We have listened carefully to feedback from our previous community engagement. Tree replacement and the continued availability of publicly accessible woodland were key themes and we have entered into an agreement to purchase adjoining land, if planning permission is approved, on which new publicly accessible woodland would be created.

Around 1,200 new trees will be planted on land within and adjoining our site. The newly acquired land will be publicly accessible and deliver increased woodland for the community to enjoy. This commitment would represent a 3 for 1 increase in tree planting on land around our headquarters.

Additionally, we have also committed to planting around 1,500 trees on land around the district, in partnership with a trusted regional tree planting initiative.

Why we are extending our facility

The decision to extend our facility has not been made lightly. As the company has grown over recent years, we have adapted to meet customer demand. In order for us to secure sustainable growth for the future, we need to expand. Bottling natural water at source means our current site is the only feasible option.

Our commitment to the surrounding environment

Environmental stewardship forms a part of our core values and as a B Corp certified business we remain committed to mitigating the environmental impacts of the development wherever possible, helping to promote biodiversity, the local environment and support local amenity spaces.

We are aiming to ensure the extension building achieves a high standard of sustainability. This includes the use of solar panels and an overall commitment to sustainable building techniques.

Learn more about our other sustainability initiatives HERE.

The benefits to the town

We are immensely proud to fly the flag for our region and to help play a role in putting Harrogate onto a national platform.

Our proposal will play a significant role to further support the local and regional economy. Over 50 new jobs for local people will be created locally with an additional 20 construction jobs (on & off site) whilst the site is being built. It is estimated that the revised scheme will boost the local economy by around £2.3m every year bringing Harrogate Spring Water’s total GVA to around £6.2m in GVA per annum.

Public consultation

We held a public consultation on Thursday 30th November at the Crown Hotel in Harrogate where we discussed the proposals with local residents and received feedback and views.

For anyone who was not able to join that consultation, our exhibition boards can be found here.


Project Timeline

Planning documents will be submitted to North Yorkshire Council following public consultation and feedback. The submitted plans will be available for residents to review and comment on. A planning decision will be determined by North Yorkshire Council and we would expect this to take place in 2024.


Have your say

Please get in touch with any further questions or feedback. You can contact us via email at Planning@Harrogatespring.com