Keep Britain Tidy

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is with the greatest pleasure that we introduce to you… The Incredible Shrinking Bottle!

But what’s that, you say? You haven’t the foggiest what an Incredible Shrinking Bottle is? Simply read our handy guide below and you shall swiftly become an expert on these super shrinking bottles. In a jiffy you’ll understand how they and our collaboration with Keep Britain Tidy, are helping to keep this marvellous country beautiful.


This marvellous invention is simply the most cunning of ways to crush up your empty bottle of Harrogate Spring Water to make it easier for you to pop into your bag and take it home to recycle.

Just remove the cap, twist it down nice and tight, cap it – et voila! Your bottle is now teeny tiny and ready for easy, mess-free transportation to your recycling bin at home.

Can I Recycle The Whole Bottle?

Yes, your Harrogate bottle is 100% recyclable, from the bottle to the label to the cap, and there’s no need to separate out the bits before putting in the bin. Even better, the bottle is made out of something called PET, which we’re happy to report is one of the easiest products to turn into something new.

How Can I Get Involved?

Keep Britain Tidy are the experts in keeping our country green, clean and free of rubbish and we are extremely proud to partner with them to help encourage more people to recycle plastic bottles. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on more exciting work with them.