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In 2021, alongside Royal Ascot’s usual champagne, fine wine and cocktails, you could enjoy Royal Ascot’s first ever Mindful Cocktail the ‘Royal Rose’. This alcohol-free mindful cocktail was created to celebrate the return of Royal Ascot and to provide a unique serve for those who’d like to explore a more mindful approach to drinking.

We caught up with Harrogate Spring’s mindful drinking ambassador Camille Vidal,  Founder of La Maison Wellness, to talk about her bespoke mindful cocktail for Royal Ascot and her tips for starting your mindful drinking journey!

Camille, please tell us about yourself!

I’m Camille Vidal, the creator of Mindful Cocktails™ and founder of La Maison Wellness a Mindful Drinking platform and world’s largest No & Low recipe resource. I help people drink well and celebrate like healthy hedonists so we can all make the most out of life in a way that feels good now and tomorrow.

What is mindful drinking?

Mindful drinking isn’t about drinking alcohol or abstaining, it’s about becoming aware of our drinking habits and finding the balance that works best for ourselves; for some that means sobriety and for others moderation, but it always means drinking better and more mindfully with better ingredients, less alcohol and more awareness!

The pandemic has enlightened many of us to the importance of self-care and its effect on our wellbeing. How do you see the mindful drinking movement evolving over the next year?

Some people think mindful drinking is a trend, but I believe mindful drinking is a way of life. You can drink well with delicious cocktails that allow you to celebrate the moment, remember your nights (and days!) and feel good the day after!

You created Royal Ascot’s first ever Mindful Cocktail, ‘The Royal Rose’ Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the recipe?

I love long refreshing drinks and Harrogate Spring Water has a crisp, refreshing taste perfect for cocktail creations! For the cocktail I created for Royal Ascot, I wanted something light, refreshing and elegant to celebrate an event like no other and enable guests to have a good time and not only celebrate, but to remember the day!

I’ve combined Cedar’s alcohol free spirit with rose water, pink grapefruit juice, raspberry syrup and lengthened with a refreshing top up of Harrogate’s Sparkling Water. It looks great and taste delicious!

What top tips would you give to people who are curious about mindful drinking?

Become aware of your drinking habits
Awareness is key. Often drinking alcohol is a default and we don’t pay attention to our drinking habits. By bringing awareness and starting to understand why we drink, we can make positive change, but also appreciate more when we do decide to drink (if we do decide to drink!)

Question the drinking culture
Alcohol is so embedded in society but it’s time we question, and, dare I say it challenge that. We don’t have to imbibe alcohol to have a good time, to be social or to bring connection. We can if we want too, but it doesn’t always have to be part of the equation and definitely not in excess!

Know your limit
Knowing your limit is respecting yourself and ensuring a good night stays a good night. Become aware of the signs, slow down and drink more water!

Introduce Alcohol free and low alcohol to your repertoire!
Discover the delicious and exciting world of No & Low! You don’t have to miss out or compromise on flavours and it will also allow you to find your balance and respect your limit. You can alternate between alcohol and alcohol free, or switch to alcohol free when you reach your limit!

Find your balance
There is no one size fits all and I actually encourage and empower people to find their unit balance, it may be removing alcohol, replacing alcohol or reducing alcohol; I want to give you the tools to be able to make your unique recipe and find your own balance.

Enjoy the hangover free life!
I’m not talking about sobriety here, I’m talking about never going over your limit, being empowered and in control so you never have to pay the price for your celebrations the day after!

You can find the ‘Royal Rose’ at Bit and Bridle and the Juniper Gin Terrace, plus all the Fine Dining Restaurants at Ascot or download the recipe card and make at home! Recipe Card

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  • Harrogate Spring Water
  • Published on:
  • 15th June 2021

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