As passionate ambassadors for health and wellbeing, Harrogate Spring Water are proud to support your January fitness journey!

Water is the most natural, healthy beverage you can drink. Its unique qualities and properties are what make it vital to life. It’s free from calories, sugar and additives and while sports drinks may provide more energy, they are not always the optimal choice for hydration! As a founding member of the National Hydration Council, Harrogate Spring are dedicated to communicating the facts about hydration and encouraging everyone to hydrate in the healthiest way possible.

Drinking plenty of water is essential for your health, particularly when you’re working out and losing water through sweating. It’s advised that you drink roughly 6 fl oz of water every 20 minutes – roughly 1/3 of a 500ml Harrogate Spring Bottle. How much YOU need to drink, however, depends on your age, weight, and body type – there is no magic number, but people who sweat a lot may need to drink more to replace lost fluids!

During exercise our bodies are working harder, requiring both physical and mental focus, so it’s important to ensure we’re hydrated before, as well as during and after exercise – Otherwise our bodies will have a tougher time tolerating any temporary dehydration, having an adverse effect on your performance and recovery.

TIP: Don’t wait until you feel thirsty! Thirst is a sign you are already in the early stages of dehydration, so make sure you’re hydrated before for your trainers even hit the pavement. This means upping your water game at least 90 minutes before exercising.

Smashed your work out?! Hydration shouldn’t stop when you leave the gym (or the pavement!) Drinking water post-workout ensures that your fluid levels go back to normal and you feel you best long after exercise ends!


  • Written by:
  • Harrogate Spring
  • Published on:
  • 6th January 2019

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