Doubling Up with Harrogate Spring Water

In the past, ‘doubling up’ has typically meant more alcohol, but new research finds that a third of Brits are reducing their alcohol intake ahead of summer, with over a quarter opting to drink more water to better enjoy the moment.

Our latest research discovers attitudes to drinking alcohol are shifting, as 61% of Brits claim you don’t need alcohol to have fun, and a further 26% saying they can better enjoy a moment when they drink less and prioritise hydration.

As the summer season sets in, attitudes to drinking are shifting, with Brits now aware of terms like ‘sober sipping’ and ‘hydration hacking’, prompting motivation to mindfully drink. This is particularly true of Gen Z, with 35% having reduced their alcohol intake since last summer, more so than any other generation.

Despite shifting mindsets, 72% claim they do not drink enough water (less than litre a day); with reasons for this ranging from forgetting to hydrate (55%), to not always having water nearby (25%).

To support the British Public in meeting their hydration goals*, Harrogate Spring Water will make a return to Royal Ascot with The Mindful Drinking Bar. The bar will serve a range of zero and reduced alcohol cocktails including the debut of the new non-alcoholic cocktail of the season, The Lemon Royale Spritz, created with Harrogate Spring’s sparkling water. Perfect for sipping in the summer sunshine, this deliciously delicate spritz includes notes of rhubarb, citrus and a botanical hint of lemon thyme.

*Drinking at least 2 litres of fluid, including water, a day can contribute to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function.