Harrogate receive CSR award

Harrogate CSR Director Award for CEO James Cain OBE

Harrogate Water’s record of business success combined with strong CSR and community engagement has been recognised and commended by the Institute of Directors.

The man behind the achievement, CEO James Cain OBE, was rewarded for his outstanding leadership with the presentation of awards for Director of the Year SME and Director of the Year Corporate Social Responsibility by the IoD Yorkshire and North East.

In the past four years, Harrogate Water has doubled in size, increasing from £10m to £22m, cementing its position as the UK’s leading out-of-home bottled water brand and Number One British Premium bottled water.

Commenting on the accolades, the CEO said: “I’m incredibly proud to be part of the Northern Powerhouse and contributing towards the success of Yorkshire and the North East.”

Director of the Institute of Directors Yorkshire and the North East Natalie Sykes said: “The tremendous record of Harrogate Water under James Cain is a great example of the world class leadership we have in our region and demonstrates the extraordinary potential of the Northern Powerhouse to invigorate and strengthen the UK economy.”

Year on year, the company has vastly out-performed market growth for natural source bottled water. The workforce has grown by more than 50 per cent and exports have risen to a significant level.

The CEO has overseen multi-million-pound investments to create a centre of excellence and a global showcase for the bottled water industry. At the same time, Harrogate has been prominent in sustainable manufacturing and community engagement, partnering with Keep Britain Tidy in a nationwide recycling campaign and leading the industry in recyclability and the use of recycled materials.

The company has been zero to landfill for a decade, uses 50 per cent recycled content in its PET and glass bottles and campaigns with the environmental charity, urging consumers to ‘Twist it. Cap it. Recycle it’.

The company has raised more than £2.2 million for independent British charity Pump Aid, since launching its Thirsty Planet brand in 2007, helping provide communities in sub-Saharan Africa with improved sanitation and secure safe water sources.

The CEO added: “The awards reflect the contribution of the entire Harrogate Water team and the hard work of everybody across the business. We have successfully implemented a far-reaching investment programme and managed significant change to fulfil our vision to become the leading British independent choice for natural source bottled water.”

He added: “Care for the environment is in our DNA at Harrogate Water and so the award for CSR makes me particularly proud. Our successful market growth is because of and not despite our commitment to sustainability and community involvement.”

  • Written by:
  • Martin Crowson
  • Published on:
  • 5th July 2019

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