Harrogate B Corp Team Celebrate with water and cake


Harrogate Water is proud to announce it has been accredited by the worldwide B Corp movement committed to building a more inclusive, greener and sustainable economy.

Becoming certified as a B Corporation goes beyond product or business performance indicators. B Corp measures a company’s entire social and environmental footprint and evaluates how business operations impact on colleagues, community, environment and customers in pursuit of sustainable growth.

B Corp is more than a snapshot of the here and now; qualifying organisations must commit to positive corporate social responsibility impact in the long term, incorporating transparency and accountability into the business from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Every B Corp organisation undergoes a rigorous business impact assessment, which is scored and published online. Worldwide, more than 3,000 companies have become B Corp accredited. This global movement of profit-with-purpose businesses, work for a healthier environment, social responsibility and the creation of high-quality employment. More than two hundred UK businesses have joined B Corp.

Harrogate Water CEO James Cain OBE said:

“We are proud to be the first company in North Yorkshire to have achieved B Corp accreditation and join a growing global family of inspiring businesses committed to effecting positive change.

“Care for the environment and social responsibility are in our DNA. Harrogate’s unique springs were first discovered in 1571 and we are proud to carry the baton for today’s generation, producing and bottling the most natural and healthiest beverage on the shelf.

“We operate from one of the world’s most environmentally efficient bottling plants. Harrogate Water is a global centre of excellence and a showcase for the bottled water industry. Our rapid growth in recent years has been achieved because of and not despite our commitment to sustainability and community involvement.

“With every step we take to improve our business performance, we seek to mitigate or improve our social and environmental footprint.

“B Corp accreditation validates our achievements but, more importantly, demonstrates our commitment and passion to sustainability and community involvement in the longer term. We look forward to more sustainable growth, benefiting all of our stakeholders, as part of the B Corp movement.”

In 2019, James Cain was named Director of the Year for Corporate and Social Responsibility by the Institute of Directors Yorkshire and North East.  In addition, Harrogate Water was awarded the Sustainability Partner of the Year award from UK foodservice giant Brakes.

Harrogate Water is a founder member of the Natural Source Waters Association (previously National Hydration Council) and is the first member of the association to become B Corp accredited. UK B Corp businesses include The Body Shop, Innocent Drinks and The Guardian. For more information about B Corp, visit www.bcorporation.co.uk



  • Written by:
  • Harrogate Spring
  • Published on:
  • 12th March 2020

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