Did you know Instagram now has 700 million monthly users? Wowsers. That’s a lot of smoothie bowls, sunsets and selfies to wade through. It’s no wonder that endless scrolling can sometimes leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed, addicted or just plain depressed. Perhaps it’s time to give your Insta feed a summer detox? Delete any account that gives you a major case of FOMO and replace with accounts that make you feel connected, inspired, reassured and motivated.
Here are 7 fabulous accounts that are guaranteed to fill your boots with nothing but good vibes.

Andrea Hanneman, @earthyandy
If you’re thinking of going veggie, check out Andrea’s dreamy Instagram which is all about living a simple, plant-based, sustainable life. Recipes include black bean tacos, mango parfaits and vegan cookie dough ice cream, all with a backdrop of hanging on the beach. The fact that she lives in Hawaii and travels the globe with the most photogenic family imaginable only adds to the joy.
Image credit: http://www.earthyandy.com 
Blog: http://www.earthyandy.com

Hannah and Emily, @twicethehealth
Consider Hannah and Emily your new most-fun workout buddies. These BFFs met at Uni and bonded over a shared love of food and fitness. Now they upload snappy fitness videos, yummy recipes and motivational high-fives to thousands of hungry followers. Expect lots of #bestfriendgoals, silly selfies, giggles and mucking about. They’ll make you want to grab your best mate and go for a run immediately!
Image credit: http://twicethehealth.com 
Blog: http://twicethehealth.com

Samira Kazan, @alphafoodie
You’ve never seen a chia pudding until you’ve seen Samira’s heart-stoppingly beautiful creations. Samira is single-handedly churning out the most stunning food photography imaginable, complete with edible flowers, star-shaped avocadoes and unicorns. DREAMY.
Image credit: http://www.alphafoodie.com 
Blog: http://www.alphafoodie.com

Rachel Brathen, @yoga_girl
Yoga sensation Rachel (2 million followers and counting) looks like she’s living an idyllic island life but it’s her vulnerability and honesty that make her so completely lovable and real. Her mantra is to “practice yoga every damn day” and her sun-soaked Caribbean home will definitely help get you there. Get ready for cuteness overload with her family of 3 rescue dogs and baby Luna. Her monthly playlist on Spotify is also a treat.
Image credit: http://rachelbrathen.com 
Blog: http://rachelbrathen.com

This account is a happy photo stream of real people, not uber-lean fitness gods, pulling on their boots and heading for a hike in the big outdoors. No matter your age/size/situation, the message is loud and clear – don’t let anxiety hold you back from anything YOU want to do. No filters…just lots of knackered-but-happy faces, eye-popping scenery and love stories from around the globe.
Image credit: http://www.fitnessontoast.com 
Blog: http://www.fitnessontoast.com

Faya Nilsson, @fitnessontoast
If you’re fed up of the clean-living no-fun brigade, head over to Faya’s colourful Insta. This half-Swedish PT is a big believer in making little changes to feel a whole lot better. No banned food groups, no super-styled selfies. Just little health and fitness fixes delivered with Faya’s trademark chilled and friendly Scandi style.
Image credit: https://jennybruso.com 
Blog: https://jennybruso.com/unlikelyhikers/

Monica Beatrice Welburn ‘The Elgin Avenue’, @monicabeatrice
Monica’s pastel-pretty Insta is so much more than eye candy. You’ll find life-affirming quotes and fist-pumping career advice amidst the lust-worthy straw bags and swishy dresses. Monica doesn’t just talk the talk, she shares her own struggles with finding wellness in a crazy digital world. She’s the wise and caring buddy we all need. Her top tip? “Stop looking sideways at others and look ahead at your own path.”
Image credit: Marlene Lee (http://www.marlene-lee.com)
Blog: http://www.theelginavenue.com

  • Written by:
  • bluestone98
  • Published on:
  • 29th December 2018

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